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Great sound Karaoke club Maradona

Karaoke Yekaterinburg

Great sound Karaoke club Maradona

Not every karaoke club in Yekaterinburg is ready to offer its customers high-quality and modern acoustic equipment with excellent sound and spectacular video. Our karaoke club and restaurant "Maradona" compares favorably with most other karaoke clubs in Yekaterinburg-a unique acoustic system that has been developed taking into account the specifics of our hall and its features.

Enjoying delicious dishes from our chef, you will definitely want to continue the pleasure of a wonderful evening and sing all the time! In our karaoke bar, corporate events, wedding celebrations, business meetings, watching sports broadcasts and friendly parties are held incendiary! Very often we congratulate the song anniversaries and that is especially nice, sometimes, make a musical proposal of marriage! Karaoke club and restaurant "Maradona" is a professional karaoke equipment, highly qualified sound engineers, and just a huge music library for every musical taste and age!

The great sound of our karaoke bar "Maradona" is provided by the company-a well-known leader in the field of professional karaoke, acoustic and sound systems!

It is here, Your voice will sound better than pop stars! It offers professional backing vocals! Our backing vocalists will be happy to help you create the perfect background for your talented performance. Do not be afraid to hear yourself and do not deprive others of the opportunity to hear you!

Acoustic system of karaoke bar and restaurant "Maradona" - is a popular brand-karaoke professional level! Here is what we are ready to offer you:

  • More than 100 000 songs for every taste;
  • Constant updating of karaoke repertoire;
  • Great sound;
  • Flawless «phonograms»;
  • Original backing vocals;
  • Masterpiece video;
  • VIP-service.

Karaoke club – restaurant "MARADONA" is a special approach to each guest, great sound, friendly atmosphere, positive energy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee good mood!

Karaoke club – restaurant "MARADONA" – a unique place for interesting people!