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Visiting rules of the Karaoke Club & Restaurant

MARADONA! Karaoke club & restaurant MARADONA is a private karaoke club and its administration has the right to refuse guests to visit without explanation.

  • The karaoke club & restaurant "Maradona" has Face Control and Dress Code: visitors are not allowed in a state of alcohol and / or drugs, as well as visitors of untidy appearance and guests in sportswear. Entrance to the karaoke club for guests in outdoor clothing is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors of our karaoke club perform songs strictly in turn (in a circle). The company of 6 (six) or more guests has the right to perform 2 (two) songs in a row. If, during the performance of a musical composition, there is no performer at the table, then his turn of the song passes to the next guest and he waits for the next turn (circle).
  • Performance of the song out of turn in our karaoke bar costs 2000 (two thousand) rubles for each song, but no more than two songs from the table in one round of the order. We ask you to understand this restriction.
  • You can order the performance of a musical composition in the karaoke club "Maradona" as follows: by Selecting the number of the desired song, writing it on the order form and passing it through the host or administrator of the karaoke club, sound operator (DJ).
  • If necessary, you can use the service to search for songs sound engineer, this service is free. You should tell the sound engineer the name of the song you want to perform and sing.
  • Guests of our karaoke club are allowed to bring their "backing tracks" on a digital media, to transfer them to the sound engineer and sing to them on the equipment of the karaoke club.
  • After the performance of the song, you should always turn off the microphone and pass it from hand to hand to the host, other guests or an employee of the club. Do not place the microphone on the table to avoid possible fall and failure.
  • If the guest (company of guests) violates public order (behave incorrectly towards other guests or employees of the club), the administration has the right to take measures to remove the guest (guests) from the karaoke club, after making their calculation.
  • Sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in our karaoke club is prohibited to persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) years. Also, persons under 18 years without adult relatives will be denied service after 21: 00 hours.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to bring any weapons, explosive and flammable items to the karaoke club "Maradona".
  • In karaoke club & restaurant "Maradona" is also prohibited: the use and distribution of drugs; sleep; uncultured expression; pull out of the hands of microphones from other visitors; approach the sound equipment and touch it, or independently make settings; drop microphones (for the microphone fall is charged a fine of 3000 (three thousand) rubles; knock microphones and on them (for deliberately bringing into disrepair microphone provided a fine of 30 000 (thirty thousand) rubles).
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring to the karaoke club, as well as to drink and eat your own food. For this there is a fine of 5000 (five thousand) rubles.
  • For damage of sound and light equipment (speakers, microphone stand, plasma TV panel, equipment at the place of work of the sound engineer), furniture, interior items, menus, broken dishes, the amount of damage is determined by the administration of the karaoke club, depending on its degree, according to a separate price list.

Enjoy your stay!

Administration of the karaoke club & restaurant "MARADONA".