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Karaoke Club Maradona Karaoke free

The rules of visiting "MARADONA" Karaoke Club & Restaurant are simple to impossible: you take a seat at your table, enjoy the masterpieces of our irresistible chef and a team of brilliant bartenders, get real pleasure from unsurpassed hookahs and sing karaoke ABSOLUTELY FREE! Sunday through Thursday guests singing provides just the cost of entry is 300= (three hundred) roubles. On Friday and Saturday – entrance ticket from all guests plus a Deposit at the table in the amount of 1 000= (one thousand) rubles per person.

The most important thing is to simply follow the execution queue – it's not so difficult! Our dear visitors sing songs only in turn (in a circle). If you have more than 6 (six) people in Your company, you may perform 2 (two) songs in a row for free. If it's your turn to sing karaoke and your table for one reason or another there is no performer, then you miss your turn and wait for the next turn (circle). You can order a song for free karaoke performance as follows: choose the number of the desired song, write it on the order form and pass it through the host or the club administrator, the sound operator (DJ).The service of searching for songs by the sound engineer is also absolutely FREE. You just tell the sound engineer the name of the song you want to sing and sing! Our dear guests can send their own "backing tracks" (phonograms) and happy to sing karaoke to them on our state-of-the-art club equipment absolutely free! Our karaoke club in Yekaterinburg is glad to every guest-absolutely all guests of "MARADONA" Karaoke Club & Restaurant are equal and have the same rights! We welcome the respectful performance to the performers of our karaoke and the cheering!

Call karaoke "Maradona" and book a table for yourself and Your friends, do not deny yourself the opportunity to sing karaoke for free in Yekaterinburg! Remember, we are glad to see you at any time – so that you can enjoy karaoke absolutely free in the city of Yekaterinburg!